The Oak Tree

The aim of the Centre is to stimulate the learning interest in pre-school children, to provide them with an early and strong foundation in readiness for formal learning in school. Learning is not just about attending classes. We understand that learning can be affected by many factors outside the classroom. We want to work with parents closely so that we can help the child learn better by providing feedback and having dialogue with the parents.

Our strengths:

1. Individualised attention: Learning is paced according to the child’s development and ability.

2. Socialisation: Children learn to get along with others in different age groups, during snack and playtime.

3. Holistic: Children learn not just basic 3Rs, English and Chinese but also about science, the environment through thematic studies, and the world around time. They learn values and attitudes toward being a good person.

The Oak Tree Enrichment Centre also provides enrichment classes for Primary School Students in English and Mathematics. For these students, the Centre works to strengthen their competencies in these subjects so as to enable them to handle the school syllabi with confidence and good outcomes.


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