The Ballet School

The mission of The Ballet School is to transform passionate dance students into distinctive dancers who are versatile, well rounded and competent to progress fluidly in a fast-changing environment. The school nurtures individual artistic qualities within each child and strives to perfect students’ technique and form so that it internalises and flows naturally from within.

Students are offered opportunities to take up summer dance programmes each year, taught by overseas guest dance instructors to strengthen their skill as a dancer and be exposed to various teaching styles that will widen their dance experience.

The Ballet School offers a well-rounded dance curriculum that includes specialised classical ballet training with qualifications and supporting dance curriculum like Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Dancesport, Pilates and Yoga.

What Sets Us Apart?

We have an outstanding group of dance instructors who were former or current professional dancers. All instructors are qualified, experienced and take pride in nurturing future dancers by cultivating each student’s unique talents and abilities. Students of The Ballet School are not just normal dancers but thinking dancers.

Our lessons are compelling, interactive and thought-provoking, getting students to think beyond the confines of the dance studio. Our distinctive method of teaching is designed to ensure dance excellence and provide our students with an exciting learning journey that is fun and enriching.


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