We chose the name STACCATO! to reflect our sense of excitement, vibrancy, energy and passion for music. In musical notation, the Italian word “staccato” (literally means detached) indicates that notes are separated in a detached and distinctly separate manner. Notes identified as staccato are played or sung abruptly and short, often to convey a sense of excitement or playfulness. The term “staccato” can also be applied to things that occur in rapid bursts such as staccato applause.

Our logo of a flamboyant staccato note is a pictorial reflection of our unconventional, fun and creative approach towards classical music. At STACCATO!, we teach “Classical with Creativity” ! The colourful logo also captures the diversity and multi-cultural aspects of our classical and world music curriculum.

Why is STACCATO! unique?

We believe classical music can be enjoyed by all ages. Our early childhood music and movement lessons are specially tailored for children starting as young as 1 year old – in fact, we extend ‘The Mozart Effect’ beyond the womb. We also offer keyboard courses and a more advanced level of education in piano to children and adults.

We focus not only on developing music competence in our students but also in making it enjoyable and exciting for students to learn about different aspects of classical music such as understanding the music compositions, history and lives of the composers. We encourage our students to bring out their creativity through improvisation, composition and performance.

At STACCATO!, we teach classical music with creativity! We defy conventional myth that classical music is difficult and boring. Through our unique and creative teaching methodology, learning classical music is enjoyable, exciting and fun!


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