Singapore Brain Development Centre is one of the pioneers in providing Cognitive Development Training for children of all ages.  Together with our mission statement, “Changing Lives, Unleashing The Fullest Potential”, our core belief is that every child can fully excel, given the right tools and skills.

We understand that every child is unique, that’s why our program is customised to suit your child – in improving your child’s overall cognitive development, to make learning easier and faster. We provide you with the information you would need as parents, to make decisions that are right for your child. We are here to listen, and give you and your child hope, where every child can and will be able to maximise his or her cognitive ability.

Our goal is to help fulfill one of the best gifts parents could give to their children, which is intelligence! Contact us today for an assessment to maximise your child’s potential through brain training.

Website: http://brain.com.sg

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