Seimpi School of Music

In Seimpi, our objective is to equip young children with the skills and attitude that are necessary to help them in achieving their highest potential in life. And we use music learning as the vehicle to achieve the above objective and help the children in our school.  Our belief is that every child is a born genius. They all have the potential in them to achieve many great things in life and to make a difference in the world. However, unless we as parents, care-givers and teachers help them to unleash and discover these potential, they will remain hidden.

So here in Seimpi, we want to help equip the children in our school with the right skills, mindset, attitude and knowledge, as well as provide them the opportunities that will unleash their potential. That is why we have a plethora of courses catering to the young starting with MIM, SMART program (for accelerated learning), right up to Diplomas (Seimpi’s own Associate Diplomas in Music Pedagogy, Associate & Licentiate Diplomas which are recognised by the renowned Birminham Conservatoire in UK to lead into their 3rd year of Undergraduate studies after successful audition).

For MIM, it uses cutting edge and up to date pedagogy in our courses, together with our own proprietary books and materials, it ensures that all essential musical training are imparted to the child. For example, we do not only depend on ear training – teacher playing a tune and child imitates the tune back. Other training like eye and memory training are used simultaneously to ensure multi-sensory learning.


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