Integrated approach to learning heuristic problem solving.

Most parents think that to help their child understand difficult math problem sums, the best way is to practice and drill past year papers/assessment books. However, at PSLE Math Tuition Centres, we’ve seen from our past 10 years of experience that just practicing alone doesn’t usually help students jump grades.

Don’t get us wrong – Practicing is extremely IMPORTANT. The big problem is – Practicing & drilling are meant to be used to reinforce a students understanding of their math concepts. When a student DOES NOT UNDERSTAND his/her problem sums questions, forcing them to practice just means that they either get the questions wrong or make the same mistakes over and over again. This is why you might find that your child is doing practice paper after practice paper, but is getting frustrated because they aren’t making any progress at all.

At PSLE Math Tuition Centres, our award-winning MA+RIX™ Method has helped over 3000+ students jump grades for their Primary Math by covering BOTH the fundamental ‘building blocks’ of problem sums, as well as give students a step-by-step, simple technique that turns complicated problem sums into simple questions.


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