My English School

My English School aims to lay strong foundations in English Literacy in young children, to nurture curious and creative learners and critical thinkers.

Many early childhood studies have found strong links between early literacy and success in schools and in society. More than 90% of the brain development of a child occurs at the age of 0 to 5 years, hence early literacy experiences are critical to the brain development. Studies have also shown that children who have attended 2 years of primary school and cannot read may never be able to read.

Our My English Reading Programme addresses the need for a systematic, structured reading programme. See more details about our philosophy on reading in the article Reading is *more* than phonics.

Our primary level My English Primary Programme takes into consideration the learning needs for students in Singaporean schools and in life. At the same time the programmes are fun for students and keep them engaged while fostering holistic development. As we are constantly upgrading our curriculum based on the evolving requirements we also have taken into account the changed PSLE English requirements from 2015 onwards.

In order to ensure that there is sufficient attention from the teacher to the individual student My English School has only a small number of regular students per class. Last but not least, our native-level English speaking teachers bring creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism that make the My English School lessons come alive


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