The MindChamps Reading & Writing Programme is developed by global early childhood literacy experts. Brian Caswell is one such expert leading the team. Brian has more than 40 years of success in the areas of education and literacy. The programmes are designed to not only greatly enhance your child’s ability to read and write, but to also instill a champion mindset for confidence and higher order thinking. Unlike other programmes, MindChamps Reading & Writing Programme does not encourage rote learning or tutoring methods. This will prepare your Champ to take on the MOE curriculum with confidence.

Breaking away from the limitations of rote learning, our programme focuses on developing your Champ’s 3 key areas for effective cognitive learning:

  1. Learning Mind – Your Champ will learn practical “How-to” strategies and techniques to help him/her actively understand, store, recall, and synthesise information and concepts to read and write better.
  2. Creative Mind – By learning how to use his/her imagination and connecting multiple perspectives to generate new ideas, your champ will develop more love and passion to become a better reader and writer.
  3. Champion Mind – Mastery for a skilled and confident reader & writer requires having the right mindset, as well as emotional resilience towards achieving the goal of strong literacy. Your Champ will learn the right attitude and habits to help boost his/her potential to excel in reading and writing well.

The MindChamps Reading & Writing Programme was created with outstanding standards in accordance with the MindChamps guidelines for quality – the ChampionGold Standard. The ChampionGold Standard is applied throughout MindChamps programmes, from preschool to enrichment programmes.

Website: https://www.mindchamps.org/mrw/

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