KUNO method

Founded by Mr Yasuyoshi Kuno over 30 years ago in Japan, KUNO method has become a well-known premium enrichment school in Japan with its effective methodology.

One of the main reasons why KUNO method is popular in Japan is that it has a holistic, comprehensive and structured learning system which help children excel in high-stakes entrance interviews and tests for favoured primary schools.

Almost 85-90% of children who attended KUNO method were able to enter prestigious primary school of their parents’ choice.

With KUNO method’s award winning 3-Stage Experiential Learning Approach, learning becomes fun, easy and effective.

We go beyond the other usual brain enrichment to make learning a hands-on, collaboratively with peers, fun, engaging and yet with instant gratification on output.
Most importantly, we teach how to think logically and solve problems effectively.

We develop children who are confident, inquisitive, with effective communication skills and empowered with sharp analytical mind in:

  • grasping concepts 
  • understanding problems
  • effectively solving problems

We help build a solid foundation in intellectual, emotional and social abilities of children before primary school to make life-long learning much easier for them.

Website: https://www.kunomethod.com.sg

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