Kavanagh Dance

Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart is another. At Kavanagh Dance, we teach kids both!

The C.S.T.D dance syllabi taught at Kavanagh Dance is a structured and incremental development program in the various genres listed above, that helps children to enhance their dancing skills in par with their age. Students will have the opportunity to take C.S.T.D. yearly examinations in all dance genres, as well as to participate in Summer Schools and Competitions annually. Students, who have acquired all the necessary dance qualifications, can be accredited to C.S.T.D., one of the fastest growing dance accreditation societies in Asia.

All students in our programmes are given the opportunity to participate in Medal Tests and Examinations under the various dance form. Students are also given the opportunity to showcase their talents in Performances, Summer Schools and International Competitions organized by the CSTD.

While each one of us are specialized in the area we teach, we are also experienced in the various dance forms as well as in dance choreography. Our teachers are committed to the CSTD’s philosophy of continuous upgrading and enhancement of teaching skills.

Should you have any questions or queries about this, please do not hesitate to CALL US.


To provide quality dance education to students in local and international schools as well as our own centre from a diverse range of background and ages. To nurture thinking dancers with a love for the art form whatever their dance genre.


We believe that teachers regardless of their main area of focus should provide enjoyment, encouragement, education and expression through dance. Children particularly, should enjoy learning to dance beyond just moving to the music. To this end we provide stimulation and encouragement to them in order bring out the best of their own ability.

We expose our students to performances, outside dance course and competitions whenever possible. We believe this enriches their perception of dance, as well as their enjoyment and sense of achievement. They can also choose to take part in yearly examinations, which provide them with a goal to aim for, as well as a grading, a certificate and a report of their progress.

We provide a safe and non-threatening environment for our students, with all aspects of the teacher-student and teacher-parent/guardian relationship carefully considered.

We believe that it is important to nurture our teachers and assure they have the ability to impart their knowledge with the skills that in this day and age are required by all students. We promote an open-minded attitude which embraces and accepts all forms and methods of dance.

Website: http://www.kavanaghdance.com.sg/

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