Jiang Education Centre

Founded in 1995, Jiang Education Centre Pte Ltd was set up by Mdm Kong (Mdm Jiang) whose expertise in teaching Chinese met the needs of parents seeking to improve their children’s ability in and passion for the language. A highly sought after Master Trainer, Mdm Kong is well-known among practitioners and academic heads in the field of Chinese teaching since she ventured into the field of private education, her organisation has grown from an initial faculty of 3 practitioners, to its current strength of 30 plus highly-qualified, trained educators for both Chinese and English, attesting to her sterling abilities in the arenas of teaching, training and mentoring others to help students excel.

Mdm Kong’s vast experience and proficiency in her field encouraged her to respond to market demands and cater to the ever increasingly sophisticated needs of students, resulting in her organisation offering classes ranging from kindergarten 1 all the way up to Junior College. With a student-centric pedagogy, exam-focused strategy, and an emphasis as continuous teacher development, she continues to share and imbue others with her passion for the Chinese language.

With a robust faculty, the Institution is able to respond quickly to changes in curriculum development and MOE directives, Jiang’s team of dynamic educators have their fingers on the pulse of language teaching in Singapore. The centre upgrades its teaching methodologies and pedagogies and reviews, revises and renews materials to enhance, enthuse and enchant their pupils’ learning experience.

Website: http://jiang.edu.sg

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