IN3LABS was born when our educators were getting numerous feedbacks from schools and parents about the lack of quality educational and enrichment options that emphasize on meeting the growing needs for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in education for a world that is increasingly automated and technology reliant. With countries such as the USA and Korea ahead of the education curve, the team consulted with educators in both countries and set out to pioneer IN3LABS, where learning is based on our motto: “Integrate, Innovate, Inspire”.

As educators and advocates for early learning, we are committed to creating exceptional learning environments through innovative, developmentally-rich curriculum; involved and engaged trainers; and operational excellence.

At IN3LABS, we encourage exploring as we believe there is never only one solution to a problem, but rather many different solutions. We do not stop when students find an answer, we challenge them to think laterally and explore all options. We integrate technology into all different areas with our focus being on the children learning and giving them a head start in a largely technology driven world. Our adaptive structured curriculum and educational platforms offer personalized learning based on learner proficiency to suit your child’s unique speed and ability to learn. Workshops conducted by IN3LABS are designed to allow students to discover and develop one’s true potential.


We aim to educate, prepare, and equip our youth with essential skills in STEM to become creator of technology, successful and inspiring future inventors and innovators at the forefront leading our nation.


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