Heguru Singapore (by Heguru Method @ HarbourFront & Choa Chu Kang – formerly Fusionopolis) is proud to be licensed by Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL) to offer HEGL educational programmes, which are developed and studied by our founders Mr Hirotada Henmi and Mrs Ruiko Henmi for over 30 years.

Pronounced as “Heguru”, HEGL Japan manages the single largest right brain development school in Japan and has widespread presence in over 13 international countries. With an extensive range of courses from pre-natal to senior high school years, HEGL hopes to develop children early in life and nurture them into future great leaders who can make a meaningful contribution to society.

At Heguru Method @ HarbourFront + Choa Chu Kang, our team of professionals and certified instructors is committed to bring out the innate potential and talents in each and every child, through our Right Brain Development Training Programmes.
As loving mothers to their own children, Mrs Agnes Ng, Mrs Claire Ng and Mrs Rachel Pei shared the belief in the need to start developing their children early in life. Having met the founders, Mr and Mrs Henmi, in Japan and experienced the Heguru programme first hand, our three principals were amazed by the results shown by the children in Japan, and were excited to bring the right brain training programme back to children in Singapore to give them a head start in their learning journey.

With that in mind and impressive qualifications in early childhood education to boot, they co-founded the renowned HEGL Japan Right Brain Training Programme at Heguru Method Learning Centre in 2013.

Website: http://www.hegurumethod.com.sg/

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