Harvard Little

We have the gifted expertise of analysing interdisciplinary theories, practices and reality to amalgamate them
in practical educational and life applications.

We do a lot of thinking, questioning, inquiry, investigation, challenge, discussing, debating, research and testing, to work out what is best for your child’s lifelong education and character development.

Especially so with Neuroscience developments, using established educational pedagogies alone is insufficient and deficient in this brain age.  Even right or left-brain training and understanding are found to be incorrect and outdated as neuroscience continues to discover and uncover rapidly.

Our high level of interdisciplinary expertise, vast experience, a huge dose of common-sense and with the heart in the right place are extremely useful.  We do not follow established pedagogies, theories, trends, or even scientific researches blindly.

Our goal is to consistently enhance the educational experience and learning journey of our precious little ones while eliminating the shortcomings and rigidity of any single approach or theory.

Website: http://harvardlittle.com.sg

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