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We started Blur Parents as we are unable to properly compare and find the best enrichment classes for our children. Most of the present online parenting magazines are either filled with sponsored ads or so many articles that it is hard to navigate through them to be able to conduct proper research.

Therefore, after doing extensive research online and gathering feedback from hundreds of parents all over Singapore, we decided to present what we gather in a structured manner so that parents doing research about the best enrichment classes do not feel lost anymore.

There are just so many Enrichment centres in Singapore these days. Being able to identify quality and recognise brands is no easy task. As a commitment, we will continue to maintain this website and ensure only the best of the best make it to the list and save parents precious time researching. At the same time, we will work closely with these brands to keep parents in the loop of the latest and best offerings from the elite enrichment centres in Singapore.

In each category, we will only pick the best 10 centres based on their popularity and reviews. These are also recognised brands that will not leave parents hanging in the event of centres running into financial issues. Do check back often as we constantly update the list to keep up with the current market trend.

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